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NeymarS AMw posted Apr 4, 14
Hey everyone, I know you are all dying to hear what is going on, so I am going to try my best to explain.

At the current time, Jube and I are trying to move the server so we do not have monthly bills. This will allow us to keep the server going without much financial issues. However, since Jube and I are new to minecraft servers, and the way minecraft servers work, we are not entirely sure how to move it. Luckily for us, the server has stay online for now. The website is having some issues as I am sure that it has not been paid for either. This makes it so it gives you the error "Token is expired". We will worry about this problem at a later date. 

At the current time we are working hard to keep the server alive. And with everyone making "Goodbye" threads, it is a bit of a bummer. We are not dead, nor will we die. ArtificialCraft will stay strong as long as we can help it. Just have a some faith.

I will try and continue to keep you guys updated, but it has been difficult since I do not know all of the facts myself.




Server Status

NeymarS AMw posted Mar 31, 14
There is a lot of uncertainty with the servers' status. And at this point, most of it is complete bullshit. So please do not believe anything you hear from members other than myself, and Jube.

At this point the server is working fine. Granted the bugs are not fixed, do not expect those to be fixed for quite a while, because we have bigger problems. Our biggest problem right now is paying for the server to stay alive. So I need to ask a massive favour from all of you guys. And I am sorry for having to ask you this, but it's the last resort. Right now the server is fine until April 4th. If we do not pay the 'rent' by that date, we will go offline.

This is what I need from you guys!

Please chip in all of the money you can. And I mean anything. Every dollar will help us get closer to paying our rent. So if you are able to chip in some money, please post below the amount of money that you can pay. And this money needs to be in some sort of online currency. And please do not post bullshit amounts like "Ohh I can pay 100 dollars!" When you can't. It's not funny and it doesn't help us. When the time comes, and I know how to pay correctly, I will be asking people to pay.

If you do end up paying, and helping the server out. You will be receiving a reward. This can be anything you want. As long as it is reasonable, you will get it.

Thank you for everything.


Ps. If you do have any questions about the server, please post them on this thread

Pss. I do not want to hear anymore shit talking about Bhunivelze. He tried to take on the server, which no one else did. It is harder / more expensive than most people expect. So please no more shit talking.
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